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Sep. 20th, 2012


I love the fact that this is my last semester in college, I love this semester's schedule, I love being classmates with people I've been hanging out with, and so on...BUT! I hate almost all the classes I'm attending at the moment! -_-
Suuuucks! I have group in every single one of my class...which means I have group projects AND presentations in all my classes! Nothing is worse than that...I guess.
Everything is starting to get hectic and it'll just get worse from now on T_T
Hang in there, me! Just bear with it!

Anyways, nightmare aside, I've been liking xXxHoLic lately. I wasn't really a big fan of CLAMP but holic really caught my attention and I'm glad it did :D
Everything started several months ago when I decided to watch holic in Netflix at home.
That day I was bored and thought..."meh...what can I watch now?". Saw holic and I thought "hmm...I've heard of this series by CLAMP. Let me try then". I actually watched the entire season 1 of holic that day XD. I fell in love with the series! :O
Since that day on...I've been so into it. Bought myself the manga, and even finished 1-19 pretty much in one day. Everything was great until...the TRC crossover part! Guh! Annoyed the crap out of me! I never read TRC and am not interested to. Some of the crossover parts just confused me but I guess it wasn't enough to love the series less.
Too bad vol. 19 was the final...or so I thought! Some people said that holic is in the list of ongoing series in CLAMP website. I sure hope it's true. There are just waaay too many unanswered questions!...and some unsolved 'relationship' (I want to see some more obvious signs of BL here! Wata and Shizuka's descendant who look so much like him maybe? Or...maybe Wata and Shizuka's reincarnation XD; since CLAMP seems to like the idea of 'reincarnation').

Anyways, enough of that. Now back to real life...projects projects projects!

May. 24th, 2012


So, the semester has finally ended the week before last week. The 3 weeks off, that I'm getting before summer classes start, was awesome...at first. Now that 2 weeks have passed, I'm starting to get bored..nothing much to do really. I have, pretty much, retired from playing WoW even though this month I am still subscribed to it. I used to have so much fun playing that game. It was back when hubby also played it and my friends were still playing. Now, hubby retired and almost all of my friends from that game have retired as well. There is no point in playing...it's only fun when I have someone to play with.

I still have a week and a half until my summer classes start. It's going to be hectic starting summer because I am taking full load of summer classes and once summers end, I'll only have a week off before the new semester begins. Hopefully, everything will go smooth so I can finally graduate by the end of the year. I need to start thinking where I'd like to work even though I am not required to. Work experience, in addition to extra cash, is never a bad thing.

Sometimes I think to myself; maybe my life would be better if I stayed single. I can start working to support myself and there is no pressure...to have children. I dunno, but I still can't see myself as a mother. I am not ready for it. I still want to live for myself. But it's almost impossible at this point. My hubby's parents have been telling us to have kids and I really hate being told what to do, especially since this matter should only concern me and my hubby. My parents know that they shouldn't be meddling in other people's marriage, unless it is absolutely necessary,...why can't his parents do the same.
I'm pissed whenever this gets in my mind...but whatever.

Mar. 24th, 2012

Time to QQ

Bleh…I really hate my habit of waiting until the very last minute to do my work. And it’s as if I never learn from the outcomes of that habit, which is...never good *sigh*
2 days ago I turned in a paper that was assigned to us over 2 weeks ago. So, I had 2 weeks to finish an easy and short paper but I ended up doing it the day it was due. Gah…I bet the teacher intended that paper to be an easy bonus pts or something like that. But I ended up fucking up anyway and I'm sure she’s going to bitch at my paper.

Anyways, that aside, time to QQ. So, someone has been staying at my apt more often than before. He has a valid excuse, so I obviously don’t mind him staying over twice a week. However, there is something about him that I DO mind, which is, washing the dishes. I hate it that he (probably) thinks that he’s a guest so he can use the plates/bowls/cups all he wants and just dump them in the sink because I will wash them. It really annoys the crap out of me! Seriously I just wanna tell him, “WASH YOUR FUCKING SHIT! I don’t need you to wash my plates. Just wash the stuff that you used. If there’re already some plates in the sink, well, put them aside, wash your stuff and done! It’s not that hard.” Whenever I go to his mom’s house (where he lives) I wash the dishes even when all of them are his and when he’s in my place, I have to wash his stuff too? Really? Am I just a maid or something? But I just can’t say it because I don’t want to have a bad relationship with my FAMILY IN-LAWS. I’ve been annoyed at him for a while now. I consider myself a forgiving person which is why if I get annoyed today, I usually just forget it the next day, but when he does those things that I really hate, gah! It’s hard not to get annoyed! I really hope he finds a friend he can stay with so he’ll stop coming over.

Done with QQ. Feeling better now…
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Feb. 28th, 2012

Randomness =p

Soooo, I see that my last entry was on November and it’s almost March now. Woow..been a while. I consider myself as a lazy person. I never feel like writing and stuff but sometimes...(juuust sometimes XD )once I start writing, I can write unexpectedly long and that’s prolly why my journal looks like this…different time gaps in between entries -___-

Time sure flies. It still feels like I just celebrated new year last week or something and I’m sure it’ll be new year again before I even realize it. Hope 2012 will be a good year for everyone including me.
I know this is kind of late to say but I guess I’m quite happy with 2011. Lots of stuff happened but all in all, it was a pleasant year.
I always have mixed feelings for every year that passes. I am happy and grateful because being able to pass a year and watch it ends mean I just lived one extra year and my marriage just lasted another year which is, of course, a great thing. But at the same time, I dislike getting older *sigh*
I always feel like I haven’t achieved enough in 1 year and I guess this is the main reason for my dislike/ dissatisfaction.

I dunno what else to say at this point. I haven’t seen anything that really leaves an impression in my mind so, I’ll stop here. Hopefully I’ll see one soon enough.

Sep. 20th, 2011

Been a while, livejournal!

Wow..It’s been a loooong while since I wrote my last journal. Life has been very busy. Especially since the new semester began. I was actually able to take a one week vacation but I was having so much fun that I just decided to put aside the idea of writing anything on the journal. I wonder how everyone is doing (my only friends xploded tb, chiki gaan, etc). Been a while since the last time I read/commented their journals. I guess I’ll check them out once I’m done with this journal.

So, lately I’ve been so much into incest genre of manga; be it yaoi or straight romance (not really so much into yuri anymore cause most of yuri stories aren’t as great as yaoi, so I got bored of them). Strange, since I was anti incest before; and it’s all because of a manga called ‘Dear Brother’ scanlated by moon in a box. But whatever; as long as I enjoy what I read, I don’t think it really matters. It’s pretty funny to see hubby’s reaction about my new fave genre though (“O_O…=_=;; I think I need to take you to a psychiatrist.” Lol). Well, it’s always fun to see his reaction to my things.

Enough of that, now off to another topic of my wish of having many manga by Yonezou Nekota licensed in US. I really love her works. I wish they would just license many titles that she writes. They’re great, awesome manga! I can only pray for that to happen someday.

Well, I’m done for today’s journal.
Now, off to friend’s journals!

May. 16th, 2011


Finals are over!!! Hooray! Summer is comiiiinngggg! XD. 2 weeks off is not bad at all :D. And then after those 2 weeks, summer classes will start. *sigh* Whenever I think about summer classes, I just instantly got turned off lol. Though I think I made a good choice to go to summer classes because they’ll keep me busy all summer, otherwise I’ll get bored for sure.

So, this summer both my hubby and I are going to be busy :D because he’ll have summer classes to teach! I was very happy when I found out about it. We spent some time talking about the good news; how many classes he’ll teach, which ones are those, etc. It was a great talk until….he told me about the head of his dept..=_=; My hubby told me that the guy took A LOT of classes to teach during summer and gave other teachers very little classes to teach. The guy took 9 (NINE! During summer! Seriously!?) classes and 7 of them were online classes that don’t require him to do shit because all the gradings are pretty much done by the computer and all he needs to do is assign stuff.. <_< He only gave other teachers 2 or 3 classes to teach. WTF!! Greedy bastard! Just because he’s the dean of the dept, he’s just using his power to get as many classes as possible! Not only that, he only wants easy classes like the very basic computer science classes. It’s sooo disappointing. I have no idea why he doesn’t want to deal with upper level courses, though I heard from my hubby that he doesn’t really know how to do programming. What an embarrassment…=_=;; Well, whatever! he’ll get a taste of his own medicine someday and get pissed off by someone the same way he pisses off other people now. Ok, done bitching :D

Apr. 26th, 2011

It's Tuesday night..

Time to go to sleep very soon. *sigh* not even sleepy yet, but I need to wake up tomorrow morning and take care of hubby before he goes to work so, oh well.

Today wasn't really great mainly because of my group presentation that did not go so well. Hmm...it's actually more like, MY presentation did not go so well. I think the other group members did fine. Sucks not knowing what I was talking about. It's because I did not know what I was supposed to present until this afternoon, right before the presentation. Not only that, I had to present the first slide too! WTF! Well, whatever. It's all over. It was the Final Project so, we won't have anymore presentations. Final exam is pretty soon though.

I guess that's about it for today. The rest of the day was just ordinary.

Mar. 23rd, 2011


United States! Always feels good to be home. ^_^
Hong Kong was awesome though. I do wish I had more than a week. Especially since I went around with my sister who I don't see often. It was hard separating from her, especially after a week of having good times with her. Even until now, I still feel emotional everytime I remember the day of saying good bye.

Enough with that, now to the fun part :D
Hong Kong is filled with skyscrapers and they turn beautiful at night with all their lights lit up. I never got bored of just being there, enjoying the night view of the city and feeling the night breeze. And then, after enjoying the city at night, I enjoyed the city during the day by...shopping! hooray! :D
Actually, that's not really all I did. I also went to see the big Buddha! Even though it sucked that the Buddha was covered in fog AS SOON AS we got to the top! WTH! I could only see his feet! So much for climbing all those hundreds of stairs! really. As we went down, it started raining. That day's pretty weather turned into not-so-pretty weather. Regardless, I still enjoyed my stay there. That place has very nice-looking temples.

Hmm...what else. Ah! I also went to Macau. Two things that really left a strong impression in my mind are the castle-looking building and the museum (can't remember what museum it was...but it was really pretty!). The museum had soo many of things like old styled houses, beds, clothes, etc. It was sooo nice. One day was just not enough to explore Macau.

I did so many more things but this space is just too small for me to write those things.. ^^
But, to sum it up, I really enjoyed Hong Kong and I would like to visit it again if I have another chance.

Mar. 1st, 2011


But I can't really eat anymore cause it's already waaaay too late right now..:( Ugh! I am starting to fantasize about food! How great it would be if I could have some chinese food right now *cries* T_T

Anyways, I read Sakura Gari while I was trying to go to sleep earlier (a fail attempt) and wow..that manga never fails to amaze me despite having read it so many times now. It is so beautiful with beautiful arts and story even though it's pretty much full of tears and pains. The ending was actually nice too..in someway. At first I was kind of sad at the ending, but after reading it several times, I actually find it beautiful. I sure hope Watase sensei will make a sequel to it...<3

I also started playing FFX again with hubby watching. I was glad he happily kept me company. Unfortunately, I couldn't play it for long because hubby said that he didn't want to miss the story but he was too tired and needed to go to sleep. Being with him is the best and I can't wait to continue tomorrow ^_^

Feb. 24th, 2011

It's over!...for now

These past few days have been hectic. I had 3 tests in 2 days =_=;; and today was finally the last test of those 3. I am not really sure how I did on my 2 tests yesterday, but I think I did okay on today’s test.

I didn’t really study much for yesterday’s tests because I thought, “naw, I already know these stuff. I’ll be fine”. Well, as soon as I saw the test problems, I was ‘sweating’ lol. They’re all very detailed questions and I only know the general / basic stuff. So yeah…=_=; I don’t think I bombed them though but I dunno. I should find out my results tomorrow.

Today’s test was accounting. It was fairly easy until I got to the last 10 questions. They’re all based on a bunch of transactions that required journalizing, adjusting, etc. In short, they’re really time consuming. Gosh! I took forever to finish ONLY the journalizing and adjusting and I still needed to answer the questions based on those journals. Seriously I was starting to panic lol. I made a mistake somewhere cause the journal didn’t come out quite right. Soo, at the end I just went “screw it! Im going with whatever I have right now”. Thankfully the teacher was nice enough to give us some extra time to finish up and with that, I finished! Even though I couldn’t re-do my entire journal, at least I’ll get some if not most of it right…im sure :D

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